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We believe in slow fashion. Or rather, we believe in providing versatile and beautiful shawls that don't follow the typical "fast-fashion" trends. Our collections showcase traditional and new designs that span seasons, and are wearable and fashionable whatever the current trends.

Welcome to our collections! Feel free to browse our key time-tested styles and designs, or jump on over to our limited edition pieces inspired by the traditional dress of local Buddhist monks and the landscapes they roam.



"monks of ladakh"

Our "Monks of Ladakh" collection pulls colours and designs from the region of Northern India where our raw Pashmina comes from. This region, Ladakh, is home to arid Himalayan mountain ranges, and a Tibetan-descendant population. Among this population are the many Buddhist monks in their deep-red traditional wraps. We're keeping this collection simple and representative of the community that takes part in crafting them.



LIGHTWEIGHT Pashmina (cashmere)

Staying true to the tradition and craftsmanship, these pashmina shawls and stoles are soft, light, and incredibly versatile. Wrap them around tight to keep out the winter chill, or drape them as a wrap in the shoulder seasons. Each of our pure pashmina shawls and scarves are called "ring" shawls, as they are sheer enough to pass through an average wedding ring. Don't let all the old-school terms here fool you. These babies are hip and cool.


heavyweight Pashmina - thick pashmina (cashmere) shawls

Our heavyweight shawls are just as versatile as our thin "ring" pashminas, though these wraps are the true cold-weather companion. Wrap them to keep out the chill, drape them as a throw, or pull over your head to act like a ghost. Ok ok, we won't joke about ghosts. Come have a look at some beautifully designed thick cashmere shawls.